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Original "Batman" Web Series Comes to St. Louis

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Poster for the show, hand-drawn by Shannon Peterson Poster for the show, hand-drawn by Shannon Peterson

St. Louis-based production company Red Fist Productions is collaborating with both local and out-of-state talent on "Batman: Master of Fear", an original, fanmade web series that is planned to begin production in the area next spring. With a cast that includes Raw Leiba (last year’s award-winning "Bone Tomahawk" with Kurt Russell) and Seth Michaels (this year’s "Pelé: Birth of a Legend"), as well as concept and storyboard art by St. Louis-based Shannon Peterson, "BMOF" has been building quite a buzz online.

Set against a 1920s-esque backdrop, the web series follows a long-absent Bruce Wayne, who is forced to return to the cowl in order to face the Evolution of Fear known only as Nightmare. The filmmakers (and founders of Red Fist) Matt Kohler, Richie Watkins, and Ian Blaylock describe the show as Gothic Horror meets Martial Arts. With that take in mind, they created a new villain in Nightmare--someone who is equal to Batman in intelligence, theatricality, and fighting.

"The first episode will show you how Gotham's doing without Batman around. The situation isn’t very good,” said producer Richie Watkins. "Then, the episode explores how it's about to get a whole lot worse with the arrival of Nightmare."Nightmare Pose


Red Fist, which officially founded last year, views the superhero and online video trends as the perfect ways in for them to make waves with their first project.

"Outside of the show itself, we are committed to proving that web series can be taken as seriously as TV shows", said series creator and fight choreographer Matt Kohler. "There are a bunch of web series out there, but the mainstream media views fanmade things, as a whole, as child's play, on both the creative and technical sides. We want to change their view with 'Master of Fear'. We also want to show a side that's never been fully shown before--the martial arts of Batman".



Currently, Red Fist is crowdfunding the first episode on Indiegogo. Their goal is $9,000 for the 12-minute episode. So far, nearly $3,000 has been raised.

"We're really excited to share our year-and-a-half's worth of work on the project. You can see the best of that on the Indiegogo page", Matt said. "We have two posters (one of which is hand-drawn by Shannon), we have some storyboard art (also drawn by Shannon), and we even shot a teaser trailer that Raw narrated for us!"

"And you'll get to see all of the different rewards that we're offering right now--shirts, posters, and even an internship", Richie said. "We're actually running a special right now--if you donate $5, you'll be entered into our raffle to win a Nightmare shirt, which is priced at $35. Our goal with the campaign page is for it to be both inclusive and fun for you."

Whats your Nightmare Shirt

The Indiegogo campaign for "Batman: Master of Fear" ends on November 24th. You may visit the page at this link:

Red Fist Productions can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. For any questions related to Red Fist or "Batman: Master of Fear", you may e-mail them at   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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