Wednesday, 05 December 2018 13:43

A John Waters Christmas

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If there is a more entertaining Christmas show than the John Waters, I have not heard it. Several years ago, John Waters compiled a Christmas record made in heaven for guys like me, sharing his treasures for one brief and shining moment. These aren't necessarily classics - they’re not necessarily even good - but each and every song is a bona fide rarity, and most of them are cracked, bent, and/or goofy.This is a party platter of rare R&B that's a nonstop Christmas party on the other side of the tracks. While the parents are having their cocktail party and listening to the Harry Simeone Chorale, the kids are in the basement dancing the frug and making out to this album. Waters has eclectic tastes; thus the selection. Certainly not for the faint of heart.

John Waters will be coming to the Sheldon Concert Hall on December 14 for a presentation of his one man show, A John Waters Christmas. The past shows of his have dived deep in to the most probing yuletide questions one could have: Is Prancer the only gay reindeer? Has Santa ever been nude? and more profanity laced lunacy with a clear cut message. Waters has not lost one bit of sarcasm or quirkiness that created his own brand of cult phenomenon. And as the holidays approach and you have your own dysfunctional family to deal with and you need a laugh, just remember these words by John Waters: ”I love Christmas so much I could shit."