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My Arms Are Only This Big

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by Karl Lund

From an early age we are asked to make excuses for our actions. "Why did you do that?" was a staple question growing up in my home. I was forced to make an excuse for things that I did wrong and was never asked to state alternative choices that would yield more favorable or less destructive results. As a direct result...my childhood and very young adult life was an endless string of excuses for my actions which were often selfish. Thankfully I grew up!

I came to St. Louis in 1998 from Las Vegas, NV. for a "temporary visit." I was supposed to be here for 3 months, but I met a wonderful lady in Clayton, MO, and thankfully ended up staying here.

My wife and I got married in 2000 and we had our first child in 2004. We had our second child in 2005. With marriage, children and the passing of time came compassion, maturity and humility. I found myself asking my children "why did you do that?", but my wife quickly followed up my question with her own questions about alternative solutions for their future actions. Kerry and I make a great T.E.A.M. (I'll explain)

Many many years ago I found myself being asked to volunteer my time with a charity that I was already doing business with. I thought to myself "My arms are only this big!" and further thought "How much impact could I possibly have!?" I quickly thought of my childhood and snapped out of my excuse making frame of mind. I accepted the invitation to help and haven't stopped since.

Moral of this story is STOP MAKING EXCUSES! Many of us do it. 

"T.E.A.M." means Together Everyone Achieves More. 

I know my arms are only this big, but together we can wrap our arms around the planet. How cool is that!!!

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Here's a list of the charities I'm involved with. I invite you to reach out, donate, volunteer or just spread the word that together we can make a difference in our home town of St. Louis.

Little Patriots Embraced 

Gun's N' Hoses 

USO of Missouri 

Adoption Exchange 

National Multiple Sclerosis Society Gateway Area Chapter

S.I.D.S. Resource 

Pujols Family Foundation 

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