Monday, 11 July 2016 10:34

OnStL Celebritwins

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Sometimes when I look at the people of OnStL, I think "these people remind me of someone I know," so I set out to match the people of OnStL with there celebrity twins or triplets or quadruplets. Everybody looks like everybody!
Ron Stevens:
ron look alike 2
Music and Comedy! Mix a little Wallace Shawn (i.e Princess Bride) with a dash of Paul Williams (i.e Smokey and The Bandit), you get OnStL's Ron Stevens!
Joy Grdnic:
joy grdnic look alike 2
I guess blondes do have more fun! Take the grace and beauty of Vanna White and take the spunk and style of Debbie Harry from Blondie and you get OnStL's fair-headed funny woman Joy Grdnic!
Annina Christensen:
PicMonkey Collage 2Leading lady looks! OnStl's reporter Annina Christensen is ready for her close-up with a mix of Anne Hathaway, Emmy Rossum and Meg Ryan's beauty!
Rik Anthony:
Rik and Roll! No question about it, Rik looks just like is fellow MC's Nigel Tufnel and David St. Hubbins from this is Spinal Tap, and garnish a little Michael McKean on this Rock and Roll Casserole and BOOM, there you go!
Cat Mues:
cat mues look alike 2
Cat Mues exudes (mues)ic inside and out, as she looks like fellow music extraordinaires; world renowned diva Cher and rock n roll queen Chrissie Hynde!