Friday, 24 August 2012 06:19

My First Post

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Out of my Nebraskan roots, and the years I spent dwelling in St. Louis’s midtown, a love for mid-sized midwestern communities has grown. I was born and bred to adore the creative ways a non-coastal city fills the cultural vacuum formed by its land-locked-ness to the brim with homegrown music, art, and fashion. And I have learned to appreciate St. Louis because it is geographically nestled far away from the densely populated urban centers of the artistic avant-garde, and not in spite of it. So with the near forgotten splendor of St. Louis’s cultural peak in mind (see: Meet Me in St. Louis, Aloe Plaza), I aim to explore the vibrant artistic and musical community that is still, often contrary to popular belief, very much alive here.

In addition to my contributions, I encourage any and all suggestions for places to find the music and art that you, fellow St. Louisans, enjoy.