Wednesday, 19 February 2014 15:58

My Heart is Burnin' With Love!

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I went to the outstanding Burning Love Festival on the night of Tuesday, Feburary 19th.

IMG 5349

It spanned the top of Art Hill to the base, where there were stages, television screens and FIRE!

IMG 5356

It was originally planned for Valentine's Night, but was cancelled because of the ice. This night was a much better choice!

IMG 5385


I know great people and got to go to the VIP area, where they had these table settings:

IMG 5390

There's the fire!

IMG 5416

I think this picture is by Geoff Story at Toky (down the street from OnStL!) He was showing me some photography techniques:

IMG 5448

The festival was celebrating St. Louis's 250th Birthday (with a star appearance from Elvis Presley!).

IMG 5435


The message of the festival was to spread love everywhere!

IMG 5458

Beautiful fireworks show:

IMG 5485

IMG 5499

IMG 5503

More fiyah!

IMG 5505


And then there were none...

IMG 5516