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Dogtown vs. Downtown: St. Patrick's Day Parade Edition

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Dogtown vs. Downtown


Every year, there are two parades in St. Louis for St. Patrick's Day: The Downtown weekend parade and the Dogtown day-of parade. The real Irish people in St. Louis don't even recognize the Dowtown parade, so this is a very serious matter. I went to both parades this year so I could compare and contrast. Here is what I found:

Downtown Parade

This is a more run-of-the-mill parade with floats and beads and freebies. But there were some cool things I've never seen before, like an armored St. Louis city war vehicle. People get there early and set up tents, which they then use for their families/friends. I was lucky to be in a tent this year and got to have a delicious array of food, as well a private porta-potty!

This parade is:

- over the weekend

- more family-friendly

- not as packed

IMG 6787


I think there was more green than the dogtown parade:

IMG 6790

IMG 6796


Some cute, city-themed floats:

IMG 6799


Great views of the arch:

IMG 6814


Floats by local icons:

IMG 6828


Other awesome floats:

IMG 6833


Dogtown Parade

This parade is the "real" parade, according to the Irish (also the only parade according to the Irish) and is on St. Patrick's Day (which sometimes falls on the weekend). It includes a lot of the Irish clans in St. Louis and their famlies just walking along the parade route. There were also some more exciting things, too, however, like...

more exciting outfits:

IMG 7029

IMG 7034


More dogs!

IMG 6958


Better places from which to view the parade (if you own a house on the parade route, that is):

IMG 6975


Not as much green as Downtown:

IMG 6964


Or is it more?

IMG 6991


People who try to catch beads with sticks:

IMG 6968

IMG 6974


Irish dancers! (these were in both parades)!

IMG 6977


Men standing in a model of a high school:

IMG 6984


Moolah shriners (also in both parades):

IMG 7004


Cool police cars:

IMG 6987


Way more fire trucks:

IMG 7011

IMG 7002

IMG 6993


And a green bus!

IMG 6979


...aaannnddd more drunk people!