Wednesday, 02 April 2014 21:33

Open the Door, Alarm Will Sound

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Last night, I went to Alarm Will Sound's performance at The Pageant. Although I have lived in St. Louis since I was 5, for some odd reason, I had never been to The Pageant before last night! Well, the venue was beautiful, but Alarm Will Sound is what made the night a hit. Alarm Will Sound is a 20-piece orchestra, which covers electronic songs. For example, last night, they played a lot of Aphex Twin. They don't just play instruments, however. A few of the other items they use to make noise include a megaphone, a bicycle pump, and plastic tubes, which they spin in the air above their heads.


IMG 7140

The music was not what I expected, but not at all disappointing. A few songs made me feel as if I were in the middle of the scene from Sleeping Beauty, where she is singing with the birds and the forest animals.

IMG 7156

Other songs made me feel like I was in the room of a punk-rock kid from the 90s, Green Day posters included. My friend recognized a song they covered, Roy G Biv, by Board of Canada.

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Another instrument they used was called a Horsoon. It's a combination of a bassoon and a french horn! I love the creativity!

IMG 7221

After the show, I talked to the guy selling CDs and he said the band is from all over, but they're looking for a new home. They really like St. Louis and want to keep coming back here. He says he thinks St. Louis is ready for a contemporary music scene.

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I hope they're the catalyst for a contemporary music scene in St. Louis!