Wednesday, 09 April 2014 16:10

The Places I Go & The Things I See: Looking Up

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 People don't look up enough. There are a lot of great things over our heads, but sometimes we're too focused on getting to the next thing, or what happened in the past. We're looking forward, trying to push our way through a crowd of people, or planning what we're going to do tomorrow; or we look behind, motioning to our friends to catch up, or dwelling on what we said to someone a few days ago. But when we just stop and look up, we see amazing things. Like this ceiling at the Fabulous Fox Theater. While everyone in the lobby rushed to their seats or scanned the crowds to their left and right to see if they could spot Phyllis from the Office, Miss Missouri (both judges), or one of the competitors in the Teen Talent Competition, I stopped for a moment and looked up. It was worth it.