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You May Have Missed Something at St. Louis Fashion Week

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St. Louis Fashion Week showcases unique outfits and trendy clothing designs from top designers both in St. Louis and from around the United States. People don outfits worthy of the front page of Vogue as they spy the au courant outfits on the runway. A particular item that doesn't get as much spotlight this week, although it usually does in the fashion world, is the accessory. Necklaces, shoes, even socks, are embellishments to the dresses, skirts, pants, and shirts worn by the masses that can make an outfit come together or pop beyond its own capacity. Here are some of the accessories of fashion week which the fabric-focused observer may have missed.

IMG 7443

These gold necklaces made this all-black ensemble shine, especially the pairing of a sphere and a disc.


IMG 7660 copy

These could not be more royal.


IMG 7657

I would do anything to get my hands on either pair of these shoes.


IMG 7647

This necklace is quite charming! 


IMG 7525

The colors are magnificent.


IMG 7592 copy

Once again, great colors.


IMG 7498

This shoe is for sale at Sak's Fifth Avenue, featured during the "shopping" portion of the night.


IMG 7493

My absolute favorite accessory, the sock, done in the best way possible.


IMG 7469 copy

This necklace is from Hong Kong. The owner's mother's friend brought it to her as a gift.


IMG 7604

Silly accessories still an outfit make.


IMG 7465 copy

Another great pairing of footwear.


And lastly, I could not post this article and leave this out. This is what happens when you ask a young girl at Fashion Week to pose for a picture. Also, the yellow bow belt is adorable.

IMG 7448