Monday, 05 May 2014 17:04

The Places I Go & The Things I See: Union Station

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I haven't been to Union Station since high school. So, for at least 5 years. But even at that, I can't remember really hanging out at Union Station during high school. My most vivid memories are during middle school. And peering through the glass doors at the empty interior, trying to spy a bathroom after being dropped off by the Megabus during college. Back in middle school, Union Station was a fun place to go, where you could get cool Cardinals gear; visit Spencers and play with the plasma globes; listen to the workers at the Fudgery sing while they made fudge; and listen and dance to live music. I saw The Ruth Girls, a singing sister trio, in a restaurant/bar area in Union Station when I was 13 (and proceeded to listen to their CD on repeat for three weeks). For some reason, though, I never saw this part of Union Station--the beautiful, historical part. It is magnificent and is one of St. Louis' hidden gems. Since Union Station has fallen into a state of slight disrepair, I bet less and less people have experienced this part of St. Louis architecture, but on the visit during which I took this photo, I found that Union Station is being revived! There are new stores, more restaurants, and people walking around again. I can't wait for this fabulous place to have life once again.