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LouFest in Vogue

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Standing in the middle of an audience of St. Louisians, chatting amongst themselves as they awaited Cake's entrance, I saw a group of people dressed as they would dress to collect produce and diapers at Schnucks or go out with their friends to Imo's. LouFest is certainly not a style icon festival. The family-friendly environment and loved-by-all-ages music doesn't promote the "What to Wear" guides of Coachella or the black light paint and pony bead arm candy of Electric Daisy Carnival. Yet, as I looked closer at the individual festival goers, St. Louis' oft-overlooked impressiveness came out. In St. Louis, one sometimes needs to look just a little closer to find the gems this city offers, and just so, when I looked a little closer, I found the gems of LouFest. These St. Louisans showed up in outfits meant to impress and with items that enhanced their festival experiences.

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On my way in, I met Jerry. He's a novice hoola hooper and, in my opinion, was the most prepared person for LouFest. He said he, "came prepared for rain or sun, for cold or hot. I'm just prepared. To dance or sit." What could he not be prepared for with those socks?


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Chas Menke brought his poi to enhance his festival experience. He was also ready to dance the whole day and couldn't wait to get started!


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It was Tabatha and Maddie's first LouFest, and Tabatha was ready with her scarf shawl--keeping her feeling great from day to night.


IMG 8548

I loved Olivia's golden necklace, paired with her Chuck's and handy, yet fashionable, printed fanny pack.


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Zach and Matt hadn't yet made it through the entrance gates (note the beers), but they were nonetheless psyched for LouFest and dressed the role.


Once inside, I spotted even more fashionable people!

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April and Rob took on LouFest with their kids (who weren't as excited about showing off their fashion).



Alix and Alex brought some sealife to LouFest with their shell crowns--which they sell on their new Etsy page. You can find them at MidwestMermaidz on Etsy! 



Matching leggings and backpack--and her friends chastised her for not wearing the rest of her space-themed apparel! I wish I knew what more there was!



Johnny summoned the height of the giraffe, in order to see the bands over the crowds.


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Two beautiful ladies with beautiful accessories.



Danielle and her lady friends celebrated at her LouFest bachelorette party!


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This troll caught my eye! Tyler made this troll head for LouFest. He wins Most Creative Costume award (that I just created).


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If Carrie's pink hair wasn't enough, she and Laura carried a golden snitch balloon so their friends could find them!


IMG 8879

Matching jackets for matching fun.


IMG 8902

I adored this girl's matching getup.


IMG 8907

Lisa brought a scarf and safety pinned it around herself, letting it double as a shawl and a blanket.


Although LouFest is only five years old, St. Louisans know how to prepare for the iconic festival in style!