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The Results Are In...And They're Scary!

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I went to A LOT of Halloween events this year. From fun to fearful, I was screaming, running, smiling at great costumes, and dancing many of the nights in October. This guide covers the events I attended and how I rate them (1 being the least and 10 the most on each scale) so next year, you'll know the best and worst of St. Louis' Halloween attractions. Fear Factor is how scary the event was; Fun Factor, how fun; The Sights includes the environmental aspects (the theming of haunted houses or the decorations in a bar) as well as the presence of great costumes and the ability to see them throughout the night! Enjoy!

The Darkness

Fear Factor: 10

Fun Factor: 9

The Sights: 10

Cost: $25 (there are combined deals and coupons on  http://www.scarefest.com/haunted_house_in_st_louis_missouri_tickets)

I only experienced The Darkness during my behind-the-scenes tour with Jeremy Tucker (here) , but even though there were no actors and the lights were on for 3/4ths of it, it was scary! The themed environments are the best in St. Louis and there is so much variety that you are never uninterested in what's around you. An especially scary addition to The Darkness is larger-than-life puppets that grab at you as you try to pass by. Since these can touch you and hold you back from your friends, they're very terrifying! The level of detail put into The Darkness makes this a Number 1 St. Louis Halloween Attraction in my book!

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Fear Factor: 9

Fun Factor: 9

The Sights: 8

Cost: $25 (there are combined deals and coupons on  http://www.scarefest.com/haunted_house_in_st_louis_missouri_tickets)

Creepyworld has “12 Haunted Attractions in 1 Location.” I wasn't sure what this meant at first, but as we passed through the gates of Riker's Island, then came upon a haunted house, I realized what this meant is that there are twelve different themed settings within one attraction. I was surprised that this attraction is mostly outside—remember this on those chilly October nights—but with the heightened heart rate and huddled up next to the friend I came with, I barely noticed the cold. The different themed settings are very neat, appealing to many different peoples' fears, but since there was so much, I felt that the scenes weren't equally populated by actors and scenery. The most effective settings were the farm (when you're in the middle of the corn, you could easily believe you're in the middle of a huge field of corn) and the greenhouse (an actor sits still in there amongst the other mannequins and moves at just the right moment). A nice addition to this haunted attraction is a break in the middle, where those with an extra ticket can play zombie paintball. We played, and it was fun, but could have been made more fun in many ways. Maybe next year! Whether taking time to play or just waiting in line to enter the next part of the attraction, the breath of air without monsters jumping at you is a nice break in which to regain your confidence before venturing on.

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CWE Halloween Party

Fear Factor: 3

Fun Factor: 7

The Sights: 7

Cost: Free!

An annual event, the Central West End Halloween Party follows a day of trick-or-treating throughout the CWE businesses and a costume contest for the kids. At night, the adults come out to party! The attraction of this event is the thrill one gets from being in the middle of the street, surrounded by clowns, superheroes, and sexy cats. Even so, being squished between a vampire and a giant gumball machine is only fun for an hour or two until everyone migrates to the bars and clubs surrounding the event, where you can continue to be squished, but with the addition of loud music and drinks. Perks of the event: BYOB! and food if you want. You can bring pretty much whatever, since it's in the middle of a street. There are a lot of great costumes, but it's hard to see a lot of them (reference previously mentioned squishing).


            CWE-085 instagram sg1-210x275IMG 6210


Dark Carnival @ Lindenwood University

Fear Factor: 4

Fun Factor: 10

The Sights: 4

Cost: Free!

This event is great! It is the first year I attended and is mostly attended by Lindenwood students, but I recommend it to anyone from the community. There are tons of free carnival games with prizes, free food, a free haunted house, a dance party, a palm reader, and a story teller telling real ghost stories about St. Louis. Families will have the most fun at this event, since the games are more fun for children, but everyone will love the free food, hot chocolate, and loads of candy! The haunted house is a bit scary for younger kids, but perfect for pre-teens and up.




Coolfire Freakfest Fall Party @ Plush

Fear Factor: 1

Fun Factor: 6

The Sights: 7

Cost: Invite Only

I had the privilege of attending Coolfire's Fall Party this year (boyfriend perks!). Every year, there's a secret musical guest. In previous years, performers have included Nelly, Crystal Method, and Coolio, so I was anticipating a once-popular, but not completely off of our radar band this year. The band turned out to be Black Pistol Fire, which nobody I knew had heard of—slightly disappointing. The best part of this event was watching the costume contests on stage. People went all out for this party! Other than that, free Budweiser and Apple-Ahhh-Ritas and the dancing weren't too bad!

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Nightmare On Washington

Fear Factor: 2

Fun Factor: 8

The Sights: 6

Cost: $25 (reduced price for early tickets, Living Social discounted tickets also available this year)

This is a bar crawl on Halloween night throughout a few different locations on Washington Avenue. The tickets includes 3 free drink vouchers and entries into the costume contests. Our group didn't follow the sensible bar crawl path (we ended where everyone picked up their wristbands and started), so by the end, the places we went were pretty empty. A normal bar crawl night of dancing and drinking, but next to werewolves and ebola patients, made a fun Halloween night!

IMG 6325

IMG 6324




Fright Fest @ Six Flags

Fear Factor: 7

Fun Factor: 10

The Sights: 9

Cost: $60.00 GA (Discount tickets available online)

I have been to Fright Fest at Six Flags in the past, but it has never been as scary as this year. We went on the last day it was open (Sunday, November 2nd), which I recommend to everyone planning to go in the future. I don't know if it was because it was the last night or because it got dark earlier (Daylight Savings time), but the monsters, zombies, and clowns growled and chased me and made me jump at every turn! At 6 pm, all of the characters get off the train and creep through the crowd gathered in front of The Palace Theater, stopping and waiting behind teenagers until they turn around and scream, or snarling as they climb through the children. It was quite the show! The decorations in the park this year are also the best I've seen yet! Another reason to go on the last day: they want to get rid of candy and merchandise and a ton of stuff is 75% off. My friend bought a mug for $0.79 cents! This is a great event for all ages and a wonderful way to get into (or continue to feel) the Halloween spirit.


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