Saturday, 24 September 2016 23:14

Murmuration: The First Night in Pictures

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 MG 3225

Friday night, the first night of the Murmuration Festival in the Cortex, was free to all and full of artistic experiences!

The art started outside:

 MG 3162

 MG 3158

 MG 3160


This piece uses agumented reality to add images to the sculpture:

 MG 3255


 MG 3259


 Fashion designs by Ameli Blaser, Marcel Coleman, Nasheli Juliana, Trang Nguyen and Jena Miller:

 MG 3207

 MG 3199

IMG 3218

 MG 3167

 MG 3173 1


The Art of Science: Synthetic Biostructure by Bill Smith:

IMG 3987

 MG 3252

IMG 3997


18&counting DJed inside:

 MG 3163 


Pizako offered A.I. portraits painted live:

 MG 3183

 MG 3196


Westminster Press had a pop-up store:

 MG 3184

 MG 3188

 MG 3195


Stahl Furniture:

 MG 3190


Provoking art by Basil Kincaid:

  MG 3180

 MG 3228


Squarefruit Labs with 3D printing:

 MG 3235


Even the organizer of the event, Jess Healey, was bouncing around:

 MG 3220


Day One of Murmuration brought together the community and talented people of St. Louis. Stay tuned for the images, impressions and teachings from Day Two and Day Three!