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Murmurings About Murmuration

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St. Louis hosted the inaugural Murmuration Festival at The Cortex Innovation Community this past weekend and people from all over St. Louis attended, as well as a few from Illinois and someone all the way from Australia! Between checking out the thought sessions, musical performances, art installations, Makers Expo and Innovation Showcase, I talked to the festival-goers about their favorite parts of the festival, what impacted them most, what they learned, and what they're looking forward to next year!

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 "The talk with Peter Raven was very inspirational to me. Everything seems to feel very connected in small things people are mentioning in the talks and the people and the environment.” -Myranda from Southwest Gardens



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On his favorite thing he's learned so far:


"Hm... good question. We just came through the Big Data talk so I'm trying to sift through what I've learned 'cause it's A LOT. But I think it's the need for a business to have data and to make conclusions based on that rather than instinct or guts and how useful that is to a business." -John Njau from Principia College in Alton, IL




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Claire from Rolla, MO and Oscar from St. Louis:

 Oscar: "Murmuration is completely unlike any festival I’ve ever been to. It’s completely different."

 Claire: "There's super good music and a different feel. If I go to a festival, it’s usually in a park and with poi people and this... is just different!



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On what made the most impact on her:

"The Routes and Roots of Oppression talk. I had no idea about the segregation housing laws and how that affected things. I want to live here (St. Louis) and have changed my mind about where I want to live and what community I want to be a part of and have thought about what I don't have at home and how it differs here." -Angela from Australia


Editor's Note: She was previous looking at living in places like Shrewsbury and Clayton, but after attending the Routes and Roots Contributing to Opression talk, wants to live in Downtown St. Louis.




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"I do like the diversity of the types of experiences and interactions you can have out here. We’re doing STEM activites, lots of people are doing art and marrying that to technology and food...the food is good.” -Robert Powell, Challenger Learning Center




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On his favorite thing he's learned:


“I took two pages of notes in Peter Raven’s talk, so there’s so many things... it’s going to take love and compassion for any envrionmental progress to be made. I already felt that and for someone official to say that, of such stature, is amazing." - Kevin, Tower Grove South





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On how they describe Murmuration:

"Innovative. Cohesion. Spicy. Manifest. Chill." - The members of Sky-Pony 



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“It seems almost like a baby festival right now, but I’m really excited to see where it goes. Though, all the speakers and musicians are first class people. What I like most is this area (the Cortex Innovation Community) because I bet you more than 50% of these people haven’t been in the area. It’s neat how music and tech can come together."

  - Chris, Southwest Gardens




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"I actually enjoy the fact that different people can come together and actually express different stuff." - Diego David from Principia College in Alton, IL



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“I like how everything has come together, going around seeing the exhibits, the makers, the food. I guess that’s everything, right?” - Kyle Andrews from Maplewood




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"It’s’s creative. I like the way everything’s set up."



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"I just came for the music, but I wish I knew about everything else before and I would’ve come earlier! I came to hear all of it and came to experience new stuff and see Tyco and Dan Deardoff." -Karl from Kirwood, MO 



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On their favorite parts of Murmuration:

Courtney from Clayton: “Probably the maker’s space. 'Cause of the projects that they have; they’re making some cool stuff over there.”

Dalia from Dogtown: “I kind of really like the art stuff. Just like the artistic aspect of it. That one (the AR sculpture in the background of the photo) is very interesting."



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“I like the low key nature of it. It’s definitely laid back and it’s a great way to spend a weekend in the city. What better thing to do in a quickly revitalizing part of the city? You can meet a lot of new people. And everyone has been super friendly and accommodating.” - Jeff Vines (left, pictured with brother and business partner Randy Vines)