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The Sights and Sounds of Murmuration

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Murmuration this past Saturday and Sunday in the Cortex Learning Center consisted of 17 Thought Sessions, 10 musical acts, an Innovation Showcase, a Maker Expo, delicious food offerings, experiences from St. Louis organizations, tons of inspired and thoughtful people and lots more! Check out our favorite pictures and sounds bytes from this year's festival!



by Annina Christensen & Daniel Korte



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  The Innovation Showcase



“The thing humans have, unfortunately, is judgement.” - Neal Sample



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Neal Sample and Chris Steiner, "The Seduction of Automation, From the CIA to Social Media, and its Dangers


“Americans don’t speak rationally about cars.” - Neal Sample




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Tabari Coleman, "The Routes and Roots Contributing to Oppression" 




“We have a fundamental idea in this country that some people don’t deserve to be alive.” - Sarah Kendzior




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One of the multitudes of families at Murmuration!



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The Fabulous Fox Theatre's VR Experience 


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Lauren Worsham and Kyle Jarrow of Sky-Pony, "Multi-Disciplinary Performance in a Multi-Media World"


“Art these days is so much more democratic. I mean, Justin Beiber can get famous off of YouTube!” - Lauren Worsham



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Sarah Kendzior, Darian Wigfall & Damon Davis, "Data, Trends & Activism: Incremental Steps Towards Systematic Change"



“When does something stop being a trend and become an institution?” - Damon Davis




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An audience member asks an insightful question.




“You’ve gotta go to the root of the thing -- that’s where people change at.” - Damon Davis





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“America doesn’t really care until a white person says something is going on.” - Darian Wigfall




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“We have a collective crisis of conscience.” - Sarah Kendzior



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Peter Raven, "What's Really Happening on Earth and What Should We Do About It?"



“Our lives are simply too short to cope with the realities that we need to cope with.” - Peter Raven



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Circus Harmony performs.



"People say we’ve dealt with things in the past, we’ll deal with this too. This is nothing like anything in the past.” - Peter Raven



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Marilu Knode and Michael Rees, "Art's Ability to Predict the Future"



“...Digital media. It is the lingua franca of our time.” - Michael Rees




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“Where’s the line between art and entertainment. Is there a line?” - Kyle Jarrow 



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“We think of it as… Ecstatic Buddhism in the sense of accepting the fact that we’re all going to die.” - Lauren Worsham




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Lauren Worsham of Sky-Pony 



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Murmuration merchandise by STL Stylehouse



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Eric Johnson, Deborah Alden & Anjali Kamra, "Innovation's Impact on Bringing Products to Market"



“Today people care about that. People care about how something is made so much more.” - Anjali Kamra



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“As long as you’re paying attention, you can learn so much for free.” - Bryce Rutter




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“We’re willing to spend more on a soda… then what we’ll give to an organization who is actually working on life.” - Antoinette Carroll



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Flying Lotus



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“It’s about being respectful of who we are as human beings and a lot of times we forget about that humility and what it means to be a human being.” - Antoinette Carroll 


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“We have to look at each other as neighbors and say, "If you’re feeling, then I’m feeling.”  Antoinette Carroll 


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 Forward Through Ferguson's definition of equity: “A state in which outcomes are no longer predicted by race.”



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Antoinette Carroll and Nicole Hudson, "Prototyping Equity"


"Fifty years ago, it was twice as likely for an African America baby to die at birth compared to a white baby. Now, it's three times as likely. If nothing tells us we have to do things differently, math does. These are people's lives.” - Nicole Hudson



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The Science Center's Rube Goldberg machine 



“Robots kill us in the middle.” - Neal Sample




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Gil Weinberg, "Beyond Human -- Creativity and The Machine"



“Take risks. It’s worth it.” - Calum Pearson



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Calum Pearson, "The Art of Science: A Look Inside the Technology of Storytelling" 



“Tehcnology should serve the purpose of the story, but serve the purpose of those wow moments that embellish the story... It’s very critical to remember it’s a part of storytelling, but at the end of the day, it’s the story that counts.” - Calum Pearson




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Nathan Pettyjohn, Blair MacIntyre & Mehrshad Mansouri, "How Digital is Changing the Meaning of Reality"



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The Maker Expo



"In the distant past and in the future, people you know [made and will make] things for you. People in future will say, 'There was this very bizarre 200 year period where people bought things from people who they didn’t know with very high costs of labor and consequences.' A very bizarre 200 year painful experiment called the Industrial Revolution.” - Mark Hatch, Co-founder of TechShop




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Dan Deacon divides the crowd.



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And starts a follow-the-leader dance-off.



“Our job is to really get people together, not separate people.” - Peter Raven




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“If you’re going to get someone to join your revolution, you’ve got to get them to do something they’ve never done before and reflect on it.” - Mark Hatch, Co-founder of TechShop



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The Wall of Life: Everyone runs at each other and gives each other high-fives! As opposed to the Wall of Death practiced in other countries, where if someone gets hurt, "they'll get fixed, but here, if you get hurt, you'll lose your house and someone else will buy a yacht." - Dan Deacon




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Dan Deacon



“We’re the only industrialized country in the world that sees health care as a consumer expenditure.” - Eric Garland



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