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The Details of The Darkness

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St. Louis is a bit spoiled when it comes to haunts and scares -- we are the chosen city of the only Halloween & attractions trade show in the world, TransWorld; the city is full of real ghosts and legends; and we are home to The Darkness Haunted House, which was been awarded several distinctions and was rated as America's best haunted house.1  The Darkness is owned by Halloween Prouductions, Inc., which also owns and operates Creepyworld and The Abyss at Lemp Brewery in St. Louis, as well as builds haunts and attrations all over the world. The Darkness is two stories of elaboratly themed spaces with fearful characters to match each atmosphere, theme park effects, computer effects, puppets and more. It is nearly 60,000 square feet of unique spaces stimulating all kinds of fears. There are new additions and changes made to the haunt every year, making it even more diverse as time goes on. This year, along with the changes within the haunted house, two completely new attractions were added to the space: Silo X Zombie Xtraction Laser Tag and St. Louis Escape, three themed escape rooms. I got to walk around the scares without the actors and take some pictures of my favorite parts!


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Terror Visions (a 3D haunt)


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The new escape rooms and Silo X Zombie Xtraction Laser Tag are located next door to The Darkness. The lobby in this space is phenomenal:

IMG 3744

IMG 3720

new 3745


I don't want to give away too much of the escape rooms, so here are only a few photos! (But if you really want to see more, they have a behind-the-scenes video on their website!) These rooms are different than any others in St. Louis, as they use high tech animations, computer generated fx, electronic puzzzles, animated pieces and more! In the Curse of the Mummy Escape Room, there's an animated Sphinx that moves and talks! And in the Run Away Subway Escape, players begin in a moving subway car--so cool!


IMG 3723

The Curse of the Mummy Escape Room


IMG 3741

The Run Away Subway Escape starts in a moving subway full of puzzles.


IMG 3733



new 3729 1


In the Cellar Escape, the players start divided in two different cells and the clues to getting out are in the opposite cell!



new 3730 1


A casual dead body. 


I didn't take any photos of the new Silo X Zombie Xtraction Laser Tag because I was shooting (and running from!) zombies. This experience was exhilirating and very scary -- zombies appear and instead of running away from them, you can shoot at them with a laser gun. Here's a photo from their website! On the weekends, though, the zombies chase you as a haunted house. But Sunday through Thursday, you can shoot at them! It's funny that all these haunted houses started from Silo X in Fenton and now it has come full circle to a new Silo X attraction!




It's the season for spooks and scares and The Darkness is ready for it! Don't miss out on the fear!




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