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Previewing the 15th Annual 2015 St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase

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Once again St. Louis’ local film scene have stepped up their game, creating work that is bold, daring and spirited. Here’s look at some recommend films screening at the festival.

Sponsored by the Whitaker Foundation and curated by Cinema St. Louis, The 15th Annual Filmmaker's Showcase (July 19-23) celebrates the amazing achievements of local, independent celluloid heroes. 

You should support these intrepid artists because the work they do and the movies they make reflect who we are as a community through the medium of film. The DIY creativity shown here is a labor of passion, love, blood, sweat and tears that enrich our community with visual innovation and stimulating storytelling.

The first day of the showcase will tickle the fancy of local history buffs as two long form films, focusing on our regional history are featured.


The Safe Side of the Fence

The legacy of the Atomic Age hits home in this powerful film about Mallinckrodt employees who were exposed to uranium as part of the Manhattan Project. Seven decades later the issue of exposure to nuclear waste remains at the forefront of the headlines. (Sunday, July 19, 1 pm).



This film, from Chris Grega, examines the World War 2 re-enactments that take place in Weldon Spring, Missouri. Historical re-enacting, now a big deal all across the country, began here the 1970s. Grega’s film examines what makes people want to dress up and play war and why their hobby remains so popular. (Sunday, July 19, 4 pm).

If you are looking for a controversial drama that dissects suburbia, then look no further than the first feature screened at the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase.


Sleep With Me

This local drama follows a couple that is trying to have a baby without a whole lot of luck. It’s a potent story that explores the underbelly of the American family. Laced with sex, infidelity and drugs, Brian Jun’s potent movie tugs on convention and normalcy.  (Sunday, July 19, 6:30 pm).


This year’s programming also tackles local racial issues head on, showing just how important movies are as a force for healing and Justice.


Ferguson Matters

Six short films focusing on topics related to social, racial and political fallout of the unrest in Ferguson have being collected in what undoubtedly is the most important thought provoking package of the week. (Monday, July 20, 7:15 pm).


Four Way Stop

Director Efi da Silva pulls no punches in depicting the challenges facing a teenage African-American boy as he seeks to better himself amidst the challenges of racism and life on the street.  This compelling film closes the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase by holding a lens to our community and the hurdles it faces in creating positive change and meaningful social dialogue. (Thursday, July 23, 7:15 pm).


The Showcase also features a comprehensive lineup of short films, arranged by genre or subject matter including, experimental and music videos, comedy, horror, drama and documentaries. It’s been a bullish year for the local shorts programming as the drama and comedy categories feature more than one category each. Each day of the showcase will feature a collection of short films.


 All films will be presented at the Tivoli Theatre.  Tickets for all St. Louis Filmmaker Showcase programs are $12 ($10 for Cinema St. Louis members).

For showtimes and information visit or call Cinema St. Louis Artistic Director Chris Clark at 314-289-4152.