Tuesday, 28 July 2015 17:26

Remembering Joe Williams

On the surface being a film critic may seem glamorous and easy. You get to meet celebrities and see loads of movies, good and bad, before they come out and then expound your wisdom to the world on why you should or shouldn’t see a particular film. But this is not really the case.  In fact it's one of those occupations that could be a real grind filled with time constraints, studio politics, long hours and lots of people wanting to either praise you or tell you what an idiot you are.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014 12:43

The Rest Of The Story STL for September 24, 2014


Here are the top St. Louis headlines of the week and their links if you want to read more.  But you really don’t need to; we supplied the rest of the story.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014 18:26

The red carpet treatment

The joint will be jumpin' the coming Monday, March 17th, at COCA. There will be bright lights, video cameras, and a red carpet for the celebs. What's the buzz? Is it the Emmys, Oscars, Grammys, or maybe the Hugos? No to all. It's something uniquely St. Louis.