Tuesday, 21 October 2014 16:51

The KXOK Monster Rally! Be There Or Be Scared!

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Hey ghouls and goblins,

Be listening to KXOK 630 AM, your #1 St. Louis rock & rool radio station, for some of the best scare-fare activities happeingduring the Halloween season!
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The biggest and best of which is sponsored and put-together by KXOK themselves: The Second Annual Monster Rally!
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And also don't forget to scurry on down to your local E.J. Korvettes for some real crypt-rattling sounds from their groovyghoulies album selections of frightful songs and sound effects, just what the good Dr Jekyll ordered for your Halloween monster mash party!
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And to see what you missed at last year's  inaugural KXOK Monster Bash, click on the youtube link below. It features JohnnyRabbitt on the Keil Auditorium stage trying to warn the kids in the audience to stay calm as some of the monsters are in the process of invading the stage. Rabbitt's loyal sidekick - Bruno J. Grunion - appears dressed as a ghost and harasses the Rabbuntil being chased off the stage. After that hilarity, the monsters: Frankenstein monster, Dracula, The Wolf Man, the Mummy, Ygor and Vampira swamp the stage are ready to engulf Mr. KXOK - station manager Bud Connell, until Bruno comes back to use his special powers to keep the monsters at bay!