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Upcoming St. Louis Artist: Brandyn Burnette

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Upcoming St. Louis Artist: Brandyn Burnette



At the ripe age of 25, Brandyn Burnette has already made a burst into the music scene. Though he currently lives in north Hollywood, Burnette grew up in the St. Louis area and graduated from Ladue High School. You may recognize him from American Idol, where he auditioned and garnered a "yes" from all three judges. He left the competition before progressing any further, however, as he felt that it was not the best way to express  himself and showcase his creative talent. Burnette attended NYU on a full scholarship for musical theater, though he eventually left to pursue his personal music career. Burnette currently has two EP albums out on all major music platforms and has previously recorded for Warner Bros Records. He recently started his own indenpendent label with his girlfriend, Molly Moore, called Home Planet Records. Here he released his EPs, Made of Dreams and State I'm In, as well as several singles.


Burnette got his start in music when he was seven years old and his grandmother bought him a Casio keyboard. He was immediately hooked and began to learn as many songs as he could. He has continued to play piano throughout his life and eventually picked up the guitar when he moved to New York for school. He has also taken many singing and acting classes, having orignally been more inclined toward musical theater. Brandyn begins writing most of his songs on piano or guitar and now produces all of his own music. He uses Logic Pro for sound design and Logic for recording. He incorporates many live elements into his productions, most of which are his own or those of other musicians he has befriended and respects.

Burnette's music is often described as progressive soul. He stated in an interview with that St. Louis has had quite an impact on his music:

I was in a new environment and also kind of like adjusting to new situations. St. Louis was one of the craziest places to grow up in the time that I grew up. It was really divided. The city, downtown, was losing a bunch of their money so there was poverty, there was violence there was gangs. And then the area I was in was really wealthy, a predominately Jewish neighborhood, and so I got a chance to grow up in the heart of diversity. I remember really starting to write my first songs out of St. Louis. So, yeah, learning to adapt as a person along the way was huge in me kind of finding my voice as a person and an artist.

Having recently released an EP, Burnette says that a tour is in the works. He is still unsure whether it will be a solo tour or a joint tour with his girlfriend. He produces for her and they also have a side project together called Cosmos and Creature. No dates have been released yet, but they've got a group together and are working out the logistics.


Here's a Youtube video showcasing one of his most popular songs, "Down," which has over a million hits and counting.



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