Tuesday, 18 March 2014 14:03

Go home Winter, you're drunk

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Okay Winter, go home. Clearly you are drunk. I think I speak for all of St. Louis when I get up in your cold face and tell you that we are so very over your shenanigans this year. From the ice and snow that never went away, to the weekly Sunday Funday Snowpocalypse warnings, to the Wheel of Fortune that has been the temperature, we offer up our proudest and biggest middle finger salute.

The overall hilarity of the profound and dire warnings of impending weather disaster from all media (including that special fellow from Canada) has been spectacular. By all accounts we were supposed to be living in the ice planet of Hoth at this point. I do not have a Tonton and neither of the dogs are big enough to carve up and sleep in. I was starting to become worried that I would never make it to Dierberg's or 7-11 again.

Yep this has been a bitch of a winter. I fell down several times on the ice - hard - and should have been way more injured than I was. The back yard has either been a frozen wasteland of ice and dog poop, or more recently a swampy marsh of mud and wetness. Dusty paw prints have been everywhere for months now. More often than not hanging out on the couch watching TV has required hoodies, socks and blankets. This is an outrage!

Spring is allegedly scheduled to arrive on Thursday with the Vernal Equinox. It can't come quick enough. The wacky weather and thermometer seem to be stabilizing a bit this week (for St. Louis) and temperatures will be drifting upwards as the week goes on. At last! But alas not for me. I am going on a business trip to Cleveland, OH on Friday and the forecast is cold and a bit snowy this weekend. I just can't escape it and my toes are cold all the time. I enjoy Game of Thrones, but enough is enough is enough. Come on Spring, hit us with your best shot. At least it will be warmer.