Wednesday, 02 July 2014 10:12

A different kind of Independence Day

Summer in the city. That means excessive heat warnings, pork steaks, PrideFest, and the joyful madness that is Fair St. Louis. Today is blissfully cool and tonight will be a downright chilly 57 degrees - in July. Suh-weet! The heat has been here for sure; last week or so was pretty darn hot. I've enjoyed pork steaks more than a few times. The massive and impressive 2014 PrideFest was incredibly moving in its second year downtown. A shout out as well to the vastly smaller, but awfully cool, Tower Grove Pride event. There is certainly room for both of them in the Lou. I volunteered on Saturday at downtown PrideFest and actually marched in the massive and impressive parade on Sunday. I do look forward to attending Fair St. Louis on Saturday, but I have a very important affair to attend on Friday the 4th. I am going to a big, gay wedding.