Fair Saint Louis is coming at you starting tonight in Forest Park. Will it be a glorious kerfuffle of traffic jams and madness? Will the Pope effect keep people away? Could the weather be any nicer for the weekend? Wouldn't it be cool if Harrier jets buzzed the park at some point anyway just because?

Mardi Gras in Soulard is one thing, but this thing is quite another. It's hot (usually), it's summertime, and it's the mother frickin' birfday of this great nation. What's not to celebrate? I have always loved witnessing the humanity that comes out in full force to these events. 'Murica at its redneck best. In honor of the fair being in Forest Park this year, I decided to look back at a few July 4th memories of my own.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014 09:28

A Quick Snap Over The Bridge



I took this without looking because I was driving over the bridge.

It turned out okay!