I won't mince words. The Shakespeare Festival St. Louis production of Shakespeare's 1610 comedy/drama The Winter's Tale, which runs through June 25th, is seriously great theatre. It demands to be seen.

If, like the dormouse in “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” you think that English history is the driest thing you know, then you haven’t seen it dramatized by Shakespeare and you certainly haven’t seen it performed with the vitality Shakespeare Festival St. Louis is bringing to “Henry IV” right now in Forest Park.

Two new items for Memorial Day weekend, and they couldn't be more different if they tried. As always, the choices are purely my personal opinion. Take with a grain (or a shaker) of salt.

Now that St. Louis in in the midst of its annual bout of baseball fever, it seems only appropriate that, starting this weekend and running through June 15th, Shakespeare Festival St. Louis is offering local theatre fans a double header by presenting two plays in Forest Park instead of the usual one.