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St. Ambrose Church on the Hill (Part II)

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St. Ambrose Church on the Hill (Part 2)

Father Carotti’s frail health any many hours of work played havoc on his health.  He went back to Italy to regain his strength to the sadness of the parish.

Giulio Giovannini was then appointed administrator of St. Ambrose Church.  His authentic sincerity succeeded in uniting the parish.  He urged the community to stay focus on their ultimate goal.  Children would save their pennies to buy a ten cent brick.  The men donated many hours of labor.  Anyone who contributed to this great undertaking would have a star placed on the church’s ceiling.  Each Star would be a testament to their faith in their priest, their community, and their God.  Father Giovannini suggested that the bells be imprinted with the Italian cities which the immigrants came from.  The parishioners were so moved by this idea that enough money was raised to order five bells almost immediately.  Each bronze bell held the following inscriptions:

The people of the parish…

to St. Ambrose

The faithful of Cuggiono…

To Our Lady of Mount Carmel

The faithful of Inveruno…

To Saint Theresa

The faithful of Marcallo…

To Saint Nazario

The faithful of Casteltermini…

To Saint Vincent Ferreri