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Some Favorite St. Louis Sites and Sights

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Here in St. Louis, we have some pretty incredible sights and memorable views to be seen. There are the obvious St. Louis Arch and city skyline shots, but I’d like to share a few lesser-known gems to see in St. Louis.


7. The Griesedieck Complex during winter break
I’m a little biased since it’s my current home, but seeing the dorm rooms lit up in the shape of a cross not only puts me in the Christmas spirit but makes me incredibly proud to call Saint Louis University my home.

6. Art Hill
A personal favorite St. Louis sight of mine is standing at the bottom of the Grand Basin, looking out across the fountains and up Art Hill towards the statue of Saint Louis. It’s an incredible sight to be seen, especially when the fountains are lit up in the evening. I also love feeling connected back to St. Louisans as early as 1904 in being awed by this sight.

5. Koi fish at the Missouri Botanical Gardens
As a kid, there was nothing better than standing on the bridge in the Japanese Garden and dropping fish pellets into the gaping mouths of the giant colorful koi fish. The quarters we spent on fish food at the Missouri Botanical Gardens could probably pay for the majority of my college education. However, to this day I still love standing on that wooden bridge and looking down into the vibrant mess of gigantic fish.

4. Steinberg Skating Rink in the Snow 
First snow of the year? As long the weather doesn’t impede your driving ability, I highly suggest you visit Steinberg’s, the largest outdoor skating rink in the Midwest. Due to my lack of skating ability, my favorite view would be standing by the bonfire and watching the snow fall as people fall or, in some cases, skate around the rink.

3. Mosaics in the New Cathedral
I’ve heard my sorority sisters rave about some of the beautiful churches they encountered when they spent a semester abroad in various parts of Europe. The New Cathedral, however, rivals anything in the world. As soon as you enter the Cathedral Basilica, known to St. Louisans as the New Cathedral to distinguish it from the 1840's Old Cathedral on what is now the grounds of the Arch, you'll see that the ceilings and significant parts of the clerestory walls are covered in beautiful mosaics. The mosaics depict biblical scenes from the New and Old Testament as well as historic scenes of St. Louis. It's actually the largest collection of mosaics in the Western Hemisphere. Pretty cool, right?

2. Bluffs at Castlewood State Park
Castlewood State Park, located in Ballwin, is one of the greatest places in all of St. Louis to bike, run, and hike. If you want a truly incredible view, go on the Lone Wolf Trail that takes you along the bluffs. You get a stunning view of the Meramec River valley and the rolling Missouri hills.

And for my top favorite St. Louis sight? Looking down at a plate of toasted ravioli, of course!