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The Benton Parking Lot - Last Minute Mardi Gras Guide

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Tomorrow morning some of you will come to the Benton Parking Lot on your way to Mardi Gras in Soulard. Remember, take the Arsenal exit from I-55 and turn away from the brewery and stay on the north side of Benton Park. Not because there is anything wrong with the south side, but you'll be closer to the Gravois, Sidney Street and Pestalozzi bridges and I don't recommend that you try to run across I-55. They did close the bridge from parking for your safety.

From the heart of Benton Park it's about 2 miles to Soulard Market and about a 1 ½ to Russell, but that's okay. The people of Benton Park are here to take care of you. Park here, get breakfast, we've got shuttles going down to the heart of Mardi Gras, get your Mardi Gras beverages at the BPNA Beer booth at 11th and Russell, become bored with the Amateur Area, then come back to Benton Park and hang out with the professional partiers.
Frazer's, The Filling Station, Pointer's Market all have $5.00 golf cart shuttles to and from the heart of Soulard and Parma's Mardi Gras shuttle runs every half hour with a $5.00 all-day pass. I posted all of the Mardi Gras specials at

I'm a good little volunteer. Not great, because if I was great all this information would have been up a week ago and the beer booth would be filled with cute single guys helping me pour and sell beer all day in exchange for free beer and access to a port a potty, but I'm only good because I will be at the booth from 1pm until done and I did make sure to get all the Mardi Gras specials in the 'hood.
To maximize your Benton Parking Lot/Mardi Gras experience here are a few helpful hints:

  • Things Not to Leave in Your Car:
    • Electronics of any kind
    • Cords for electronics
    • Change
    • Children
    • Animals
    • Elderly Parents
    • Weapons
    • Maps to your secret lair
    • Fireworks
    • Tools
    • Bags/purses/body bags/duffle bags/bags of any kind really
    • Drunk pissed off girl/boy friends, wives or husbands.
  • If you do forget to leave those things at home, lock them in your trunk.
  • Lock your car so the above does not get left in your car by someone else.
  • Don't take up more space than you need when parking. If you need help politely knock on someone's door, look sad, and offer them $20 to park your car for you.
  • Buy a beer at the Benton Park Neighborhood Association Beer Booth at 11th and Russell. Tell us you used the Benton Parking Lot.
  • Take a picture of the closest cross street to help you remember where you parked. If you get lost go to the nearest bar, make new friends who will help you find it.
  • Say "Hi" to me at the booth. I'll be the one decorated with my 2 favorite things; a fire truck and a tiara.
  • Double fist your drinking. Keep a hurricane in one hand and water in the other.
  • Every drink from Benton Park is served with love.
  • Be nice to us. We are volunteers, we has the beers.

Happy Mardi Gras!