Thursday, 14 February 2013 11:03

I don't want to see you any more...with love Katie

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I may be alone on Valentine's Day, but I am not lonely. Instead of focusing on not having someone to spend this arbitrary day with, I am thinking of how I turned away interested parties and how uninterested parties turned me away. So here's my valentine to the people who want to break up.  Just don't do it today. That's unneccarily cruel.

Having only been coupled once in my
Adult life with someone around this
Particular holiday. I think of the
People that I loved and it wasn’t returned or those that
Yearned for me and I did not reciprocate

Varying degrees of this happen to everyone.
And even though rejection hurts
Letting someone know you’re not interested
Early on, while it may sting a bit, doesn’t
Torture the one you don’t want with
Intrigue. Be kind about it, be
Nice, be respectful.
Every time I told
Someone that I

Did not want to continue with them
Almost no one
Yelled or threw a tantrum

When I told a date that
I noticed neither one of us was
That interested in each other
He called me back to thank me for showing him how to

Let someone down with class and respect.
On the occasions when someone tells me
Very clearly they are not interested I respond “Thank you” as
Evidence of my appreciation for their respect towards me . Unless they’ve been

Knuckleheads saying one thing and their
Actions saying another.
That’ll produce a tantrum that they were
Initially trying to avoid and of
Epic proportions.