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Hip-Hop Roundup - May Edition

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Most think of Spring as a time of warmer weather, bountiful sunshine (and in the case of Saint Louis, rain), and outdoor festivals with fresh food and jamming music. For hip-hop peeps, it's the busiest time of the year for new music releases as tons of mixtapes are hitting the web and a plethora of videos get uploaded to YouTube. Here's some of the new music to which you should be listening and a shameless plug for my latest music video.

Up to bat is Amir of AtM, part of the hip-hop supergroup MME, who has released a solo track entitled "Mirvana". Arguably the best rapper in the city, Amir's flow knows no bounds, as he masterfully twists his words with an uncanny ease that would leave most tongue-tied and wide-eyed in wonderment. This track deserves multiple listens to understand Amir's understated lyricism that unfolds his suppressed thoughts on a host of topics, most notably his pursuit of relationships. The new-wave beat (a direct rip of Flying Lotus's "1983") with swooning synth sounds and down-tempo kicks serves as an unusual juxtaposition to Amir's straight throwback voice, as if early 90s hip-hop was kidnapped by near-future time travelers. Cop a listen (and a download) below.

Next up is Marc Goone's brand-spanking new album I Am Not A Lobster OK. Half of this work was previously released by Marc through a number of music and lyric videos, which were highly successful in generating positive buzz for the rest of the album. Simply put it's fresh, as there are very few in hip-hop who can so confidently flip-fop between the serious and the not so-, often within the same track (and even, the same verse). Marc has a terrific "I don't give a fuck / but I give a fuck" attitude that perforates most of his music as he is tormented by the sad state of popular hip-hop that exudes a Macho Man, drug-infused, sexist persona. This compels Marc to make the music he wants while not trying to fit in, daring potential fans to think differently and demand more of their favorite artists. Being young and white, Mr. Goone feels the pressure to dismiss immediate first-impressions that he is a pretty-boy rapper, and he does so successfully without succumbing to sounding overzealous in defense of his talent. I Am Not A Lobster OK is hysterical, energetic, youthful, serious, and good. "Real Cracker" is a terrific display of the album's mentality. Listen below, and if you mess with it, grab the entire album on Marc Goone's website, and subscribe to his YouTube, where new videos are consistently released.

Finally, I'm co-hosting a video release party with MME's Mvstermind on Saturday, May 18th at the demo in the Grove. Live performances will feature J'Demul (a young and incredibly talented MC), Black Space (the city's most infamous hip-hop force), and the whole MME gang (AtM, Mvstermind, Ciej, Lyrique, Sixela Yoccm). To boot, you'll be the first to see the video premiere of "80-D", a sick track that is a summation of Mvstermind's last album: artistically day dreaming. Starts at 10PM with a $7 cover. Hope to see you there.

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