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Tuesday, 02 April 2013 16:00

Figurative and Flowery

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Figurative art describes artwork, particularly paintings and sculptures, which are clearly derived from real object sources. "A muse's job is to penetrate the artist's creativity and bring fourth an artwork from the womb of their mind." Muses in greek mythology, poetry and literature are the Goddesses of the inspiration of…
Thursday, 17 January 2013 14:18


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NAMASTE,  There are so many ways to greet you, I'm feeling indecisive and I hope you'll accept a motley crowd of hello expressions.   Bonjour, buenos dias, good day, good morning,  greetings, hi-ya, how are you, howdy-do, shalom, welcome, what's happening...
Masculine femininity or feminine masculinity, I like these odd juxtapositions, hard and soft, lace and (P)leather, fellows underpants obscured beneath a frilly dress, gathering firewood in lipstick, rings on my fingers with dirt under my nails. A masterful mishmash of tough and dainty so smoothly and inseparably represented together. I…
How people dress is related in some way to how they feel. We feel first and dress later. In my previous blog I touched on the beautiful subject of polychromatics! Specifically, depending on the color we choose (be it clothes or our surroundings), we will be affected accordingly. Colour is…
Saturday, 22 September 2012 16:44

A Fashionista's Divine Influences

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The term fashionista refers to a very fashionable person. To make the depths of this analysis greater, the term fashionable refers to actually observing or conforming to the fashion, to the latest style, the vogue, the prevailing taste. I've been honored with this "fashionista" label countless times. (hooray! An unintended fun pun!) …
Wednesday, 22 August 2012 05:48

My First Blog

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Greetings, salutations, welcome, Howdy, hi-ya, people of the earth! My name is Heather-Dawn, two first names. Most of you may have heard, known, currently associate with, or may even be someone with what they so fancifully refer to as a multifaceted personality, having many facets, much like a gem. Now, I…