Tuesday, 18 June 2013 11:19

Anatomy of a Videographer

The creative community, at large, in Saint Louis is underrated and overlooked. Even within our own state, Missourians look to Kansas City as the art mecca with its ten thousand fountains, Google Fiber, and fine arts schooling. This blog regularly features the music of impressive native artists that are hungry to make a difference and influence the nation's perception of our city, from Tef Poe's ruthless lyricism to the experimental ways of the FarFetched collective. From time to time, I even feature my own video work in collaboration with hip-hop artists. This week's blog will turn the spotlight to other Saint Louis videographers who are creating impressive resumes of quality music videos. These individuals are well-acquainted with the camera and editing room, knowing how to visually present a story, a mood, or a message from within the digital projection of their minds.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013 12:11

Blame It On My 80-D

When you have a good working relationship as a director with your actors, crew, clients, etc., you look forward to creating things with them. In music videos, when you respect the work of an artist and his/her/their music gets you genuinely excited, the creative process in developing a video for that music becomes almost too easy, almost as if a vision is innately born the moment you hear the song. This is the case for all of my video work with Mvstermind, a local hip-hop producer and rapper who has been featured multiple times on this blog. After the successful release of his newest album, he eagerly wanted to complete something special visually, and thus, the music video for 80-D came into existence.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013 12:18

The Art of a Music Video

Since December 2011, I have created seventeen music videos (to date) for hip-hop artists in the Saint Louis area. From newcomers to experienced rap game veterans, I've worked with a variety of individuals who are at different points in their careers, but all desire the same product: visuals for their music. Rappers exploit multiple avenues for marketing themselves and their craft to gain exposure, to build a fan base, and to make it big in the industry. By far the most popular marketing ploy is the music video, due to a number of recent technological advances within the last decade.