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Shake Some Action

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If you work downtown or you’re unfortunate enough to find yourself in downtown St. Louis for any reason in August, plan to be there awhile. MoDOT is sealing off the exits. Here’s a recap of the press release sent out by MoDOT to help you get back out of the city once you’re convinced you’re trapped there till September:

The 10th and 14th street ramps heading westbound on Interstate 64/40 will be closed around the clock. The westbound Broadway ramp is also closed. So if you’re going west out of St. Louis, head east or get a hotel room till late August. If you usually take the 10th street exit, you can take Clark to 11th to Market and start over back at 10th with a left to Pine then right on Pine till you get to the 70 West and drive to St. Charles. Then go home from there. If you normally take the 14th street ramp, there is no way out of St. Louis. Sorry.

I have a room full of 70’s albums taking up space in my house. They’re from my years of jocking on KSHE. I’ll never play them. Heck, I’ll probably never play the CDs that replaced them, now that everything is on iTunes. But, like most people my age, I just can’t get myself to throw those old LPs away. Each one represents the soundtrack of my life, but even sitting dormant they’re still a visual “art” track of my life.

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