Katie Evitts

Katie Evitts

The Katie of Let Katie Do It is a random do-er of things or a do-er of random things depending on the level of randomness and things to do.  In the past she rode in the back of an Army supply truck dressed as a duck, coordinated seven theatrical premieres in seven different cities all going on in one night and her photographs were on display in the STLArtists.com Art and Architecture show held at the City Museum. .  Katie graduated from Belleville West and Southwestern Illinois College with an Associate of Arts which has served her well in identifying stuff as "art".  As the Member at Large for the Benton Park Neighborhood Association if you see her outside of the neighborhood please return her at once to the boundaries of Benton Park.

I may be alone on Valentine's Day, but I am not lonely. Instead of focusing on not having someone to spend this arbitrary day with, I am thinking of how I turned away interested parties and how uninterested parties turned me away. So here's my valentine to the people who want to break up.  Just don't do it today. That's unneccarily cruel.

Tomorrow morning some of you will come to the Benton Parking Lot on your way to Mardi Gras in Soulard. Remember, take the Arsenal exit from I-55 and turn away from the brewery and stay on the north side of Benton Park. Not because there is anything wrong with the south side, but you'll be closer to the Gravois, Sidney Street and Pestalozzi bridges and I don't recommend that you try to run across I-55. They did close the bridge from parking for your safety.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013 00:23

The Where of Benton Park

Benton Park is that neighborhood you don't know you know where it is or that you've been there, but once I tell you where it is you'll say, "Oh my god! I love Benton Park! The architecture down there is awesome."

BP Arch at McNairOnce you cross underneath the Gravois overpass headed south on I-55 on your left are Soulard and the Anheuser-Busch Brewery and on your right Benton Park stretches all the way down to the Lemp and Chatillon-DeMenil Mansions. Along the northern border of Benton Park along Gravois at the corner of McNair you'll find St. Louis' best loved chicken at Hodaks. On the western border of Jefferson you'll find Parma, Luvy Duvy's, our namesake Benton Park, the Cherokee Rec Center and other small businesses all the way down to Cherokee Street. The southern border consists of Antique Row on Cherokee street which includes the St. Louis Curio Shoppe on the corner of Indiana and Cherokee a block east of Jefferson and O'Malley's at the corner of Cherokee and Lemp.