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A John Waters Christmas

If there is a more entertaining Christmas show than the John Waters, I have not heard it. Several years ago, John Waters compiled a Christmas record made in heaven for guys like me, sharing his treasures for one brief and shining moment. These aren't necessarily classics - they’re not necessarily even good - but each and every song is a bona fide rarity, and most of them are cracked, bent, and/or goofy.This is a party platter of rare R&B that's a nonstop Christmas party on the other side of the tracks. While the parents are having their cocktail party and listening to the Harry Simeone Chorale, the kids are in the basement dancing the frug and making out to this album. Waters has eclectic tastes; thus the selection. Certainly not for the faint of heart.

John Waters will be coming to the Sheldon Concert Hall on December 14 for a presentation of his one man show, A John Waters Christmas. The past shows of his have dived deep in to the most probing yuletide questions one could have: Is Prancer the only gay reindeer? Has Santa ever been nude? and more profanity laced lunacy with a clear cut message. Waters has not lost one bit of sarcasm or quirkiness that created his own brand of cult phenomenon. And as the holidays approach and you have your own dysfunctional family to deal with and you need a laugh, just remember these words by John Waters: ”I love Christmas so much I could shit."

St. Louis-based production company Red Fist Productions is collaborating with both local and out-of-state talent on "Batman: Master of Fear", an original, fanmade web series that is planned to begin production in the area next spring. With a cast that includes Raw Leiba (last year’s award-winning "Bone Tomahawk" with Kurt Russell) and Seth Michaels (this year’s "Pelé: Birth of a Legend"), as well as concept and storyboard art by St. Louis-based Shannon Peterson, "BMOF" has been building quite a buzz online.

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St. Baldrick's St. Louis



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Dinner and a Movie at Wehrenberg!

OnStL's Kathy Kaiser, with Weherenberg Theaters, is inviting you to join her in reviewing a newly released movie! Each week Kathy will choose TWO winners to enjoy a movie at a St. Louis Wehrenberg Theater of your choice with a friend.  You'll also be given certificates to enjoy a delicious Black Angus Frank with your movie.  Then you will be invited to talk about the movie with Kathy on Matinee Chat. To enter, fill out the form below and REPLY to Kathy if she emails you.

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Elope? In Kirkwood?

by Elope In St. Louis

To elope means "to run away with a lover, especially with the intention of getting married." Sounds romantic, right? But why Kirkwood, Missouri?

Wednesday, 05 March 2014 11:24

Birthday Cake At The Arch

by Mke Matney

In an attempt to capture as many of the birthday cakes being put out in the region for the city's 250th birthday I headed down to the Arch grounds. I'm always trying to find an angle on the Arch that doesn't look like a typical tourist shot so I brought along my fish eye lens. I was able to get this one with the birthday cake in the foreground. A bit of processing in Photoshop was required to give it the look I wanted and I'm happy with the result.

Arch Cake

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OnStL Canine Krew Contest!

Enter your dog in the OnStL Canine Krew Contest!

Dress up your puppy for Mardi Gras, send in your photo and check our facebook page

every day to see if you won a prize!

(See our list of prizes below the entry form.)





Send in a photo of your dog dressed up for the Mardi Gras Parade and each day through Tuesday, March 4 we will award a prize from Purina to a lucky owner.  Then, on Fat Tuesday, March 4, we will award FIRST, SECOND and THIRD place winners for best dressed, as determined by our panel of judges, based on originality, humor and general appeal.  Please, only one entry per pet.

We are grateful for the many wonderful doggie prizes from our contest sponsors:

(in no particular order)


Stray Rescue
Miceli Abousie Insurance
Murphy’s Mutts and Cuts


1rst Place Baskets

The Stray Rescue Basket (for the owner)

2 Stray Rescue T-Shirts
A Stray Rescue Coffee Mug
A Stray Rescue Travel Mug
A Stray Rescue Cooler Cup
Stray Rescue Baseball Cap
3 Dog Care Books
Stray Rescue Carrying Bag
A Stray Rescue Picture Frame for your doggie’s photo

The Dog Basket (for your dog)

$50 Gift Certificate for Murphy’s Mutts and Cuts on Cherokee
A Retractable Leash and Flashlight
A Paw Flapper Dog Puzzle
Doggie Bowl
Doggie Toys
6 1-800-PetMeds Flea Collars (3 sizes)
3 6oz Bags of Purina Beggin’ doggie treats
Purina Beneful Baked Delights Dog Snacks (11oz)
Casual Canine Ripstop Blanket Coat

2nd Place Basket

$30 Gift Certificate for Murphy’s Mutts and Cuts on Cherokee
Canine Casual Peace Sign Hoodie
Dog Leash
Dog Collar
3 6oz Bags of Purina Beggin’ doggie treats
Doggie Toys
3 1-800-PetMeds Flea Collars (3 sizes)
1-800-PetMeds Dog Shampoo
1-800-PetMeds Flea Shampoo
1-800-PetMeds Dog Breath Refresher
1-800-PetMeds Omega 3 for Shiny Coats
Dog Bowl Tray (for floor)
Purina Busy Bone Chewbone Treat  (7oz)

3rd Place Basket

Doggy Ice Cream Treat from on Cherokee
Dog Bowl
3 6oz Bags of Purina Beggin’ doggie treats
Dog Toys
3 1-800-PetMeds Flea Collars (3 sizes)
1-800-PetMeds Dental Wipes
1-800-PetMeds Flea Shampoo
1-800-PetMeds Flea Spray
Box of Milk-Bone Flavor Snacks

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