Sunday, 20 August 2017 19:00

KSHE in 1971

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Sir Ed's Duster, Richard Fendelman's Beetle, Lynn Britt's Lemans. Sir Ed's Duster, Richard Fendelman's Beetle, Lynn Britt's Lemans.

Take 1 vintage poorly processed photo and bits of audio recorded at different levels and stretch it into a 2 minute timelapse movie spanning 12 hours of time at KSHE's studio in 1971. Started last December, the project drove me up the walls. I had no idea what I was getting into.

The first step was to rebuild the KSHE studio from the ground up. The 1976 photo provided by Gina Maness needed to be sharper to make it work for an HD video. Unfortunately, the original photo processing didn't allow that to happen.  To recreate it I brought in bits of other vintage photos of the studio along with photographs of plants, trees and fields taken around Northern Illnois. On a trip between Chicago and St. Louis, I located a tower near Springfield, Illinois. Untimately, that tower took the place of the partial antenna in the original photo. Then there were the vehicles that needed to be inserted in the clip. I contaced various people who worked at KSHE in the early 1970s who knew what kind of cars they and others drove. Kathy Corey was able to ask a friend of Don Corey's what kind of car he drove. To simulate motion, cars had to be researched to find the right angles. Each angle was modified to become the right color that the employees drove into KSHE's parking lot 45 years ago. Ensuring headlights, tailights, & shadows look right kept me recreating the split-second scenes until I had almost gone off the edge. I threw in the towel in thinking that the movie on the screen of the old 66 Drive In was too short and the moon travelled too fast in the sky. I just had to remind myself it is not a documentary. I just wanted a bring back 12 hours of an amazing place.


William Greenblatt, Gina Maness, Gretchen Walker, Ron Stevens