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Show Your Work

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As a lifelong St. Louisan, I’ve had lots of run-ins with our city’s inferiority complex.

That’s why I’m glad to have this blog page on OnStL—a site that celebrates all things St. Louis. Sometimes those things are funny and weird, but that’s part of what makes a place interesting. We may be flyover country, but we know how to laugh at ourselves.

Lots of funny people write for OnStL so you’ll find lots of funny writing and videos on this site. I’m not one of those funny people, so this page won’t be funny (at least not intentionally). But this page will celebrate St. Louis for being a place that has tons of stuff happening for those of us who like books and writing and stories.


Just last week, I went to an event hosted by Left Bank Books. (If you haven’t been there, close this browser immediately and go to 399 North Euclid. Or don’t close your browser and immediately go to www.left-bank.com.) Left Bank Books is one of the largest independent (non-chain) bookstores in the country. If you love books, it is a sacred place. Really.

At the Left Bank Books event, writer Austin Kleon talked about his latest book, Show Your Work. You might have heard of his previous book, the New York Times bestseller, Steal Like An Artist. He says that creative people need to share their stuff and share it often on social media, blogs, e-zines, and everyplace else. And his message applies to any entrepreneurial sort, whether you’re a creative shop owner, programmer, mechanic, teacher, filmmaker, painter or writer.

So here’s my blog page, where I’ll show my work, share my thoughts and the great ideas of others.



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