Wednesday, 06 August 2014 10:44

Lost in St. Louis; An Adventure at Rack + Clutch

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Everyone knows that food trucks exist. But did you know there are clothing trucks now too?

rc truck 2


There are clothing boutiques in trucks called mobile shopping destinations. And St. Louis has its very own free range fashion boutique. Rack + Clutch is St. Louis’ first fashion truck. It has hard to find jewelry, handbags, accessories, and clothing.

r  c shirts rc jewelry

The truck is even equipped with a dressing room.

rc dressing room

The owner/operator, Emily Ponath, is super friendly and helpful. The truck is out and about 5 days a week on the streets of St. Louis. You can also call Rack + Clutch and have it come out to your event or office building. This is definitely something that is a must-visit for any fashionista.

rc sign

I stumbled across Rack + Clutch on Wednesday when it was parked on Locust Street in Midtown. To contact Rack + Clutch or Emily, check out their website. I’ll see you somewhere… lost in St. Louis.