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Golf Shores: I Seafood and Eat it Diet

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This past Sunday my husband and I joined two of our friends for lunch. Our husbands were coaching a game near Gulf Shores in Creve Coeur, so it was very convenient for us. Plus, I have had several friends who say they really loved the food here. 

I was the first to arrive, and took as many pictures of the restaurant as I could. The restaurant had a great vibe! They have outside seating, but it was not available so we sat inside. It was a beautiful spring day and everybody wanted to sit outside to enjoy it! I loved the decorations, statues and live music. At the back of the restaurant was a gentleman playing piano and singing!  In the middle of the restaurant was a beautiful aquarium. 



When we sat down, the first thing I noticed was the name of the seasoning on the table. It made me laugh. "Slap Ya Mama" haha. 

Our husbands both ordered the clam chowder to start, and really liked it! Our server was pleasant, but not very attentive. We waited a long time for our drinks, and we were not checked on until we were done with our meal. The restaurant was busy, but not too busy. There was no wait and several open tables. 

I ordered the "Best Ever Tacos" because I love fish tacos. My husband ordered the Shrimp 'n Grits because he loves them and always orders it when it is on the menu. Our friends, Hilary and Jordy, ordered the Lobster Roll Sandwhich and the Admiral (combination seafood platter).



None of us were too impressed with our food. My tacos were not the "best ever". The tortillas were cold and not pliable. It was cracking when I tried to roll it. The flavor of the sauce was decent, but overall my dish was not flavorful. The lobster roll sandwhich  was not what my friend was expecting. She was hoping for chunks of flavorful, fresh lobster (well, as fresh as we can get it here in the Midwest). It looked and tasted like canned lobster thrown on the hoagie. Joe did not like his shrimp 'n grits. He ate all the shrimp, but only took a few bites of the grits. The Admiral was pretty tasty. However, our buddy felt it was not worth the price.

Some of my friends love Gulf Shores and say that the alligator bites and gumbo are incredible. The four of us, however, agreed that Gulf Shores would not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about cajun/creole or seafood, but if you are adventurous enough to try alligator, you might just love it!

Until our next double date,

Lisa Annie