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Annie Gunn's Saint Louis' Smokehouse

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Last Friday night my husband and I decided to treat ourselves to dinner. We wanted to go somewhere we had not been and did not mind spending a little more than normal.  We are very blessed and wanted to celebrate being newly married, our successful careers, and just each other in general!
We decided to go to Annie Gunn's. Annie Gunn's is located in Chesterfield and has been in business for years!

Next door to Annie Gunn's is The Smokehouse Market, which has been in business for over 67 years. It was closed when we went to dinner, but I went back the next week. My friend Christine and I stopped by to check it out. It blew my mind. I was not expecting the selection of foods, wines, oils, pasta sauces, and even chutneys. We both bought some of their famous beef jerky, and shared a deli sandwich that was absolutely delicious. I could spend so much more time talking about it, but I can't wait to get to our experience at Annie Gunn's.

Annie Gunn's has a classy pub feel to it. It is a place you can go dressed to the nines or in a pair of jeans and feel comfortable! It has a lovely outside patio area, pretty landscaping, and a large pig statue out front lol.


 If you want to get in on Friday or Saturday night you should definitely make reservations. We didn't until the morning of and our reservation was not until 9:30! It is a happening place. We arrived around 8:45 and grabbed a seat at the bar. The bartender was not too friendly at first. We ordered Manhattans, and it seemed to annoy her. I don't think she was used to making Manhattans, because our drinks were shaken not stirred. Whisky should never be shaken. Their wine list is over 30 pages! They mostly serve wine, and classic martinis.


Another couple sat down next to us, and brought in their own bottle of wine (a very good wine at that). It seemed they were regulars, and the bartender knew them. As soon as the couple next to us started talking to us, our bartender was a lot more friendly. They ordered oysters and shared one with Joe lol. They looked beautiful. They were covered in caviar and had vodka poured over the top. Joe loved it. He said the flavor was smooth and complimentary. I would have taken a picture for you to see, but it wasn't our dish lol. Here you can see our Manhattans though.

Our table was outside on the patio! One of the severs came by and filled two little glasses with Moscato. It was a nice touch!

Our sever came by and introduced himself, and we ordered our appetizer. We were feeling a little adventurous and ordered the family style "Wow". The dish is big enough for a family to share and the Chef creates a meat/cheese/veggie board with whatever he/she wants to.  I was very nervous it would be something crazy like octopus (that's crazy at least for me