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Monday, 08 June 2015 07:50


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Over this past Memorial Day weekend Joe, our two friends (Doug &Christine), and I had lunch at Hodak's, on our way back from strawberry picking. Joe used to eat Hodak's as a kid, but it has been years since he has been there. This was a first for the rest of us. They were ranked best fried chicken In St. Louis this year, making it 25 years in a row for Hodak's. 


It is located in the city off of Gravois. You can't miss it! They have a huge sign out front with gold and green party ribbons everywhere.



  Hodak's has a cozy feel to it, from the artwork on the wall, to the statues of chickens everywhere, and even the set up of the restaurant.  


 We were all so hungry, so we started with wings and potatoe skins. The wings come in three styles. Hodak's (breaded and fried), Momma's sticky, and Amaya's seasoned wings (naked with seasoning). We ordered the sticky wings with a side of ranch and hot sauce for dipping. I wasn't sure what to expect with the name, but they were so good. I love wings extra crispy and these were exactly that!! I really enjoyed the flavor of the hot sauce too. 

We all ordered fried chicken dinners. How could we not, at a fried chicken restaurant?! Christine and I shared a meal. Our men each got their own. The dinners come with two sides. Since we were eating fried chicken,we thought we should continue the fried deliciousness and get French fries and coleslaw. Because we were sharing, we added another order of French fries. Turns out there was no need, the portions are huge!!! The normal order was perfect to share. Doug ordered Mac n cheese as a side. I had to try some of Doug's Mac n cheese :). It was bland and the noodles were over cooked, but with a little salt and pepper it was better. You wouldn't come here just for the Mac n cheese anyway

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