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Quincy Street Bistro

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This past week my family, longtime friends of the family, Joe and I went to dinner at Quincy Street Bistro. It is located in the city, at the corner of Gravois and Quincy St. This was my second time eating here! The first time we ate here, we took my little big brother, Jon, during this past Christmas season.  Our service was great both times!!


During the holidays, Quincy Street had Christmas trees and decorations up along with Christmas music playing in the background. It  felt very cozy and welcoming.  It did not feel quite as cozy the second time around, but you can't really compare the two. Christmas music alone makes me feel warm and fuzzy in side.

The first time we went, Chef Rick Lewis was at Quincy Street. He has since left and has new plans for his own restaurant, and I am cannot wait for it to open! We sat upstairs, it looked as if it was all redone recently. The wood floors were shiny, and the decorations were minimal. It had a very clean and modest feel. As I was looking at the menu, I noticed a few statements that I loved. They openly expressed their love for God, family, and supporting local!  We saw on the menu, Tall, Neat and Pickled. It is a 25 oz busch beer (served in a paper bag),  with a shot of housemade pickle juice and a shot of buffalo moonshine. We ordered it, and when it came in the paper bag we laughed really hard.


We started out with Mussels and Hot Links. They are steamed in local beer and served with bread. My husband, Joe, loves  mussels. He enjoyed these so much that he drank the leftover sauce straight from the bowl. They are a strong contender for the best he has ever had, coming in close to a little pub in North Jersey he went to with the Rinaldi's. We also ordered these this past visit as well. Allen, our friend, absolutely loved them! We also ordered the cheese curds. Anytime you fry cheese, its always delicious lol. It is fried in a cornmeal batter. I just love the texture of cornmeal.



Joe ordered the Black and Blue burger our first visit, and the Charred Hanger Steak the second time. He loved the burger. It was thick, juicy and covered in peppercorns! He thought the steak was just average, and would not order it again.



My brother and I shared A Mighty Fine Grilled Cheese. It was so stinking good. I love grilled cheese, and up until this one my favorite has been at Fountain on Locust. This grilled cheese has apple compote and thyme laced butter. ooo lalala. My brother, Chris, and my mum shared this at dinner a few nights ago. I make a version of apple compote for my grilled cheese at home now. It is so good.



I ordered the Cat Whiskers with  a side of baked mac n cheese this past time. It was really tasty. The mac n cheese was perfectly toasted, and creamy. The fish was tender and falling apart with each bite. It came on a brioche bun, and it added a unique sweet taste to the sandwich that I really enjoyed.


Alan ordered the Meatloaf dinner and loved it. He said, " It has potatoes and meat, what is not to love?"


My dad ordered the Country Fried Pork Steak. He really enjoyed it!


For Dessert, we ordered the Bread Pudding, Apple Crumbled Pie, and the Creme Brûlée. I was so full, and couldn't eat another bite. However between all of us, we had no left overs.  I didn't get a picture of the bread pudding, because Joe couldn't wait to dig in. Two bites for him equal 3/4 of the dessert gone. haha. That is why I cannot share my food with him. One bite and half my food is gone, and then I get mad. #hangry #somadwhenallmyfooddisappears



Quincy Street Bistro is a great restaurant to check out, if you are looking for good old fashioned comfort food with a gourmet twist.  We loved it the first time, and I am sure we will love it the fifth time.  It is not overly expensive, but is also not cheap. We had 7 people and ordered 2 appetizers, 1 side salad, 6 entrees and 3 desserts and the bill came to $195.00. We think it is worth the money and you pay for what you get.

Until our next family outing at Spiro's for my hubby's birthday next week!

Lisa Annie



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