Monday, 28 April 2014 20:08

Shocking News from Westmoreland Place!

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If you’ve followed OnStL for any length of time, it should be obvious by now that we don’t report news.  But this news is too hot to pass on.  The Westmoreland Place turkey died today.  It was hit by a car.


The posh St. Louis private street with its row of mansions has shared its space with a wild turkey for the past several years.  Although there was little agreement amongst the neighbors on its name, they all gathered to grieve the loss of their much beloved turkey today.  Assembled around the makeshift memorial, these lawyers, doctors and prominent business folk of St. Louis honored its turkey with a short eulogy, a bottle of Wild Turkey and a few bad turkey jokes.

It’s at the same time sad that it takes a dead turkey to bring neighbors together and heart-warming that they took the time to honor their lost feathered friend.


Here you can see the Westmoreland Place turkey during happier days where he lived amongst the parked cars, which may be a not-so-subtle hint as to why he was eventually run over by a car.  And now a simple remaining feather and a bottle that shares his name marks the spot where Westmorelanders will fondly recall his friendship on their quiet street.