Friday, 02 May 2014 09:31


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Is this what the kids are going to be doing now?  Is it a new prankster trend like smart car tipping?  On my way to the OnStL studios this morning I took a side road near St. Louis University in Midtown to avoid some intersections, when I passed this stop sign.  I mention St. Louis University only to subtly suggest that it might just be an innocent “goodbye” prank by a student leaving for the summer, or possibly graduating to never return to this part of the world again.  Or maybe zip ties are plotting to take over the world and starting with the stop signs.  Either explanation is acceptable to me.

It’s at Olive and North Theresa Ave across from the Moto Museum.


Folks…  liquor and zip ties do not mix.  However, I must say, the color blends are rather festive and the vandalism has a very artistic fling about it.  Can you really call it vandalism?  It has no destructive qualities about it and it’s easily removed with a scissors or wire cutter.  Plus it’s kinda pretty.  In fact, it’s downright funny.  I’m sorry, but I like it.  I know at my age I should be sitting on my porch chasing the neighbor kids off my yard, but this makes me smile.


Last week I reported on the death (by automobile) of the Westmoreland Place turkey and made a point that OnStL does not report news.  But if hot stories like the Attack of the Zip Ties keep surfacing here in St. Louis, I may change my mind about that.  This stuff is good journalism!

As you were.