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St. Louis Neighbors

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OnStL has often discussed the idea of following the local St. Louis City neighborhood news.  Not like Patch.  Patch is nice, but it’s not what’s REALLY going on. Patch is more about what they WANT you to know about what’s going on.  But the real news is much more gossipy.  So I started actually reading the email I get from my gossipy friends who live in the city of St. Louis.

They tell me about things going on in their neighborhoods that they learn from peeking out their front windows and whispering over back yard fences.  You know … the good stuff.  The juice from Compton Heights, the gossip of the Grove, the hoopla of Holly Hills, the bull of Benton Park West, I’m hearing it all.

But over time I realized they all pretty much have the same things going on, only the street names change.  So OnStL’s “St. Louis Neighbors” will report directly what I read in these emails from you, the St. Louis people who live it.  The important thing is that the actual street names don’t really matter. The odds are still pretty good you’ll recognize the stories.  Here’s my first, which just came in from Tower Grove South:

The woman next door (Dog Lady) owns the house across the street from us.  I despise her and her yappy dogs and wish she would move, but that’s never gonna happen.  Her sister-in-law lives in the house across the street now and SHE is moving because Dog Lady wants to sell it. Dog Lady’s afraid she’s going to have trouble selling it because of the way the house and yard next to it looks. The yard in front of it is atrocious. Before I moved here I was thinking, do I have to look out my window at that?!  It was awful.  The backyard is a mess and the back porch is falling off.
There was a repair person working on the woman’s refrigerator and then he had to come next door to Dog Lady’s.  He was afraid to do so cause he was afraid he would run into the same thing.  Said he could barely get in the door cause of all the junk and there were bugs in the fridge.
Dog Lady has a disabled space, is heavy-set and can barely get up the steps.  She works for an accountant.
By the way, Dog Lady got that house across the street for nothing.  She helped the woman out who previously lived there and when she died she willed the house to Dog Lady.   She smokes, too.  I can smell the smoke in my house sometimes.  It was never like this in Chesterfield where I grew up.  I hated Chesterfield.


A woman known as Luscious was running a strip club and a brothel out of her home.  What was the neighbors’ first clue?  That she called herself Luscious or the rate card hanging from her screen door?

The woman, Luscious, says she was set up.  You know … a bunch of Johns just showed up and started giving her money and suddenly the cops were there.

File this one under “Innovative Startup.”

Here are a few tweets on the topic:

Anthony Atencio @Anthony_Marc_  … ”Woman ran strip club and brothel in Ferguson home.  And I can’t even leave a BBQ pit out without neighbors complaining.

Ian Froeb @ianfroeb … Let he who has not run a strip club and brothel out of a Ferguson house cast the first stone.