Tuesday, 09 April 2013 11:31

A man, A track, A music video

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On this blog, we've mentioned Tef Poe multiple times. A native of Pine Lawn, a small, impoverished community within the Saint Louis metropolitan area, Tef has lived under tough circumstances, seeing members of his family imprisoned or killed. Despite his difficult upbringing, he has propelled himself forward through writing, which allows him to attempt to make sense of his surroundings -- from injustice and discrimination in the world to more specific and personal struggles of his life. His latest work of music, The Hero Killer, is a critique of present-day hip-hop and an exploration of where he fits within what is commonly refer to as "the game," or the hip-hop community at large. I recently completed work on a music video for Tef Poe's single "Rap F##ked Up". Disclaimer: this blog post contains mature/explicit content.

This music video was my most ambitious project to date, involving multiple locations, a host of extras and actors, and an extensive and expensive prop list to fulfill the vision. I previously blogged about the concept regarding this video. I recommend reading it prior to watching the video, as it will help better explain what is presented. In addition to the blog post, I sat down with my fellow filmmaker Ian Gray, and we created a podcast that details our 16-hour video shoot extravaganza, which you can hear below.

Finally, here is the end-product of our conceptualizing and planning. I'd like to thank Justin of Footklan and Nick Menn of Doorway in assisting with the shoot, as their help was invaluable. Also a special shoutout to Doughboy for his hands in production.

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