Political controversy isn't something that pops up often in connection with the St. Louis Symphony, but last Saturday a brief and well-organized protest just before the second half of an all-Brahms program gained national attention—and made the #Brahms and #Requiem hashtags trending items on Twitter.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014 22:02

The Rashomon Gateway

One man is dead. Another admits to wielding the weapon that killed him. On that, everybody agrees—but not on anything else. What led up to the killing and how it all went down? That's all lost in a confusing and contradictory mix of eyewitness testimony and personal agendas.

Friday, 16 May 2014 16:36

St. Louis Neighbors

OnStL has often discussed the idea of following the local St. Louis City neighborhood news.  Not like Patch.  Patch is nice, but it’s not what’s REALLY going on. Patch is more about what they WANT you to know about what’s going on.  But the real news is much more gossipy.  So I started actually reading the email I get from my gossipy friends who live in the city of St. Louis.