Thursday, 21 April 2016 12:27

My 25 Year Plan for the St. Louis Zoo

I just checked out the Zoo’s proposed 25 year master plan.  It includes a hotel, a 2,000 foot long gondola and giant pandas.  All very nice, but it falls short of what a zoo should have in the year 2041.  I may be dead by then, but I still care about keeping our St. Louis Zoo on that elite list of world class zoos.  So here is my 25 year plan…

Thursday, 20 September 2012 15:56

A Free Zoo!

Being from Nashville, Tennessee a “free zoo” is not a term that I am accustomed to hearing. As an adult you pay $15 and only children under 2 years old are given free admission. So when I found out that the St. Louis zoo was free of charge my first thought was “They are lying to me,” then I thought “I guess I will try it out”. So I went to this “free zoo” and lo and behold I was not charged upon entrance and believe me I do not look like I am under 2 years old.