Tuesday, 26 February 2013 16:03

Roger Daltrey and Company

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My friend Becky gave me her extra ticket to see Roger Daltrey and Company performing “Tommy” in its ENTIRETY at The Peabody Opera house in Novemeber of 2011. Awesome, right?! But I left my camera in the car because any venue you run into these days will not allow you to bring in a professional camera. We get to our seats, which are in the balcony, and we have a great time with the opening act.

Then I notice people walking around with pro-cameras and taking pictures at will. I go up to an usher and ask what the camera policy is, his response, “Doesn’t matter what you have just no flash.” So I straight SPRINT out of The Peabody, down two blocks to my car and two blocks back, an incredible feat, mind you! Huffing and puffing, I arrive back to my seat and happily start shooting the show from the balcony, stupidly excited to have Roger Daltrey in my frame. After a bit, I notice a plethora of people standing RIGHT in front of the stage, no security, no railing, nothing! I tell Becky that I’ll be right back and I head down to the ground floor. I walk, with camera in hand, past the ushers in the lobby, the ushers at the door, past every single row of people and straight up to the FRONT of the stage. After I stopped shaking from pure excitement and adrenaline, I started firing photos off left and right. THE Roger Daltrey was directly in front of me and to my left was Simon Townsend, Pete’s brother!! If I had reached out on the stage, I could’ve punched Roger’s boot! In the next five songs, I never stopped snapping off rounds but I did pause briefly to enjoy Roger smiling at ME as I smiled about the mandolin solo. . . Finally, an usher came up to me and yelled, “Pass?!”, I just smiled and shrugged at her and she pointed away from the stage in disgust. I happily and gallantly danced back to me seat and when I arrived, Becky was yelling, “Oh my God! You were down there!” as she pointed to the stage, “You were RIGHT THERE!” I could only manage a smile, still shaking from storming the front gates in brilliant form and being able to add one of my absolute musical heroes to my portfolio."