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Locally Produced “The Killers Resolute” – A Fairy Tale for the Psychopath in All of Us

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Exploitation throwback delivers a violent, bloody trip in 9 episodes

If you’re a fan of exploitation films, then you’ll want to take a wild ride with “Ronnie Terminus,” “Dahlia Frankenstein” and “Rhett Darling” in The Killers Resolute. This nine episode web-series follows a trio of cold-blooded killers on their twisted journey doing what they want, when they want…which turns out to be a violent, bloody mess.

A throwback to great 70s films like Dirty Mary Crazy Larry (and the more recent Pulp Fiction), The Killers Resolute takes a dark path down the human psyche while providing an indictment of modern living in the age of media hypocrisy. Writer/director Chris Grega was drawn to this project as a statement on our modern media-driven world, and the blatant falseness he feels it's all built upon. From “Do Not Attempt” labeled advertising propaganda to the false airs of television reporters he explains “This project grew out of a desire to show the darker side of humanity that's really just outside of the light, possibly only by a few inches or a few moments in time. I settled on the web series format because above all else, it's something new and refreshingly simple.”

A cast of notable St. Louis actors bring these delightfully deviant characters to life against a beautifully shot Midwest backdrop. With each episode running 3-5 minutes, watching the entire series will take approximately 30 minutes. Released out of sequence, viewers will also have the option to watch in order. "The Killers Resolute bleeds off the screen so smoothly that you forget how fast this story is moving and you are left quickly left in the lurch wanting more. Well written and cast and wonderfully lit and edited, Killers stands out in a crowd of independent horror where there certainly is a love and passion for the art, but often little technical skill." – Horror Movies Uncut

Chris Grega is a filmmaker based out of St. Louis. The death of his close friend in 1999 prompted him to pursue film and form 88mm Productions. Even with no formal training, he has created several award-winning short films and four feature films. Game of the Year (mockumentary) and Rhineland (war drama) are both available through His latest feature, the post-apocalyptic tale Sound of Nothing, is set for a fall VOD release.

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